Our Events

Some Of Our Events

Human Rights Education.

AFFHR has a team of youth who have the mandate to share Human Rights information throughout, we have majorly embarked on using the internet freedoms through all social media platforms but also speak on community gatherings, schools, churches among other, where we share Human Rights information, flyers, stickers, banners, and have plans of expanding our education on Human Rights to a bigger perspective such as a Human Rights Museum/Library.

Creating Endless Opportunities for girls.

Reach outs to girls between 18-30 to create an environment that provides endless opportunities especially for the youth in line with the African Culture while taking advantage of our natural resources and building resilient eco-systems that meet social economic systems for creation of income and job opportunities that will help actualize Uganda’s solutions perspective and Sustainable Development Goals.

Stay in School

Focused on empowering young girls and boys to focus on education. AFFHR started this with Karamoja region reminding the community, teachers and children on their basic rights and how to continuously support each other so as to keep children in school, specifically emotional support and scholastic materials support.

Addressing food security in Rural Uganda.

To address some of the issues that Small and Medium farmers face, AFFHR aims to provide them with knowledge on rural value chains that not only do well within but also could be scaled up through improved farming practices. With the pressure on the available land small and medium farmers learn to be able to secure food and also earn within their means as our approach is economically inclusive and holds a comparative advantage with the available resources and can mitigate carbon & build ecosystems resilience simultaneously while meeting leading socioeconomic ends, food security, creation of income & job opportunities and expansion of macroeconomic growth within the rural areas of Uganda.

Innovative Volunteerism for Youth.

Uganda youths are gifted with multiplicity of the skills, talents, ongoing initiatives, creativity, energy & networks in the diversity of sectors as the most fundamental resource to foment mutually beneficial, market-driven partnerships to bridge gaps towards establishing strategic thrust. Where a challenge for one actor becomes a market opportunity for another in a market-driven partnerships that will drive towards ultimately establishing sustainable industrialization naturally without affecting the eco-system. Focusing on this is akin to dedicating the country’s development drive on a determined path of leveraging on its strengths, something that has hardly happened. In this project, AFFHR team share their own story of a humble beginning, which is helping in applying simple principles of success deriving from what we proposing on the country’s development on strengths for youth mostly.