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AFHR is a Human Rights Advocacy group that has existed since August 2019 and is working towards creating a just environment for social, cultural, economic rights using regenerative support system that promotes and protects Human Rights and the environment

The founders of AFHR strongly believe that there is a disconnection between the Justice System (the policy makers and practitioners) and access to Social-economic and cultural rights

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Our work examines the right to health and a healthy environment, the right to be free from discrimination and arbitrary detention, and the right to information, free speech, expression and assembly as critical means of achieving health.


AFHR works towards enabling every individual to have equitable quality and inclusive education through ensuring accessible and stay in school till they complete the relevant proficiency and literacy hence attaining the SDG’s.

Gender Rights

Global standards and constitutions contain broader normative and policy frameworks strongly supportive of Gender Equality (GE) and, within recent policy documents, addressing gender-based violence (GBV)..........

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Stay in school is an event, that focuses on empowering young kids to focus on education and stay in schools,This years event is focused to the kids in the karamoja region

Some Of Our Events

Human Rights Education.

AFFHR has a team of youth who have the mandate to share Human Rights information throughout, we have majorly embarked on using the internet freedoms through all social media platforms but also speak on community gatherings, schools, churches among other, where we share Human Rights information, flyers, stickers, banners, and have plans of expanding our education on Human Rights to a bigger perspective such as a Human Rights Museum/Library.

Creating Endless Opportunities for girls.

Reach outs to girls between 18-30 to create an environment that provides endless opportunities especially for the youth in line with the African Culture while taking advantage of our natural resources and building resilient eco-systems that meet social economic systems for creation of income and job opportunities that will help actualize Uganda’s solutions perspective and Sustainable Development Goals.

Stay in School

Focused on empowering young girls and boys to focus on education. AFFHR started this with Karamoja region reminding the community, teachers and children on their basic rights and how to continuously support each other so as to keep children in school, specifically emotional support and scholastic materials support.


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Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.

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